Benji Marshall - old habits die hard.

In a story by Liam Napier there are some very interesting comments from Benji Marshall on why he is leaving Rugby to return to League. He talks about how he has not been able to adapt to Rugby because he couldn't change his playing habits. This is a great example of how recruiting someone on talent alone isn't enough to create success. This exact situation happens in varying degrees with almost all recruiting.

It's not about the talent in the individual, but more significantly, it's about what else they bring to their new environment. In Benji's case it was his league mentality. It isn't always as obvious as this example but can be very subtle and unconscious. The question now is; do the NRL clubs who may be keen to recruit him understand what he will bring to their club other than his talent?

GAIN LINE has the ability to quantify the impact of an individual on a playing group. Using this technique GAIN LINE can allow a team to build their squad to give the best opportunity for sustainable success.

Posted on April 25, 2014 .