Cohesion Theory Reaching Out

A great article from Relational Thinking quoting heavily from GAIN LINE's work in cohesion theory. To quote from the Relational Thinking website and blog:

".... people and organisations around the world have recognised the importance of building healthy and sustainable relationships in bringing about real social change and justice. The Relational Thinking network was set up to support partners worldwide and to campaign for a new and better way of organizing the institutions that make up our political and economic systems."

".... Gain Line has shown that in sport individual talent is not enough. We are so often preoccupied with individual skill, that we miss that it is relationships that make teams and organisations work. Relationships need continuity over time to work and if we focus on this, for example by reducing staff turnover, or keeping in touch regularly with stakeholders, we can create healthy relationships that drive organisational success and ultimately personal happiness."

Relational Thinking has recognised the strength of our cohesion theory and the relationship is has outside of sport.

Click here for the blog article and more info on Relational Thinking

Posted on May 17, 2015 .