Australasia's Best Sporting Team


There is a continuous debate in the pubs, clubs and lounge-rooms of Australia and New Zealand as to whether great historic teams could have survived in today’s competitions, or about which football code is the best of all.

Australasia’s Best Sporting Team has been designed to bring an analytical approach to answering some of these questions, and in doing so aims to start a new conversation about greatness and rewarding success, as well as unearthing some hidden gems and helping those in need.

Platinum Asset Management, in conjunction with GAIN LINE Analytics have conducted a huge statistical analysis of 74,426 matches between 222 teams in 14 sports over 25 years to come to a conclusion. The winning team is being presented with the opportunity to make a donation to a local cause in their community.

Click here for the ABST website, background, methodology and top 25.

Posted on November 28, 2018 .