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GAIN LINE Analytics offers a suite of proprietary tools and solutions that improve an organisations player recruitment and developments systems - leading to focused cohesive teams. Although varied in output and application, these services are underpinned by Cohesion Analytics powered by data analysis and quantitative research.

GAIN LINE Analytics understands the factors associated with increasing cohesion and can assist teams to develop best practice systems to enhance TWI® and the performance related Cohesion Markers.


The GAIN LINE Analytics range of products and services:


A 1-off Cohesion Analytics report detailing the pre-existing recruitment, selection and list management practices to identify a team's current status and enabling a prediction of future performance based on the team's TWI®  and Cohesion Markers.


Subscription based service that assists clubs and organisations in devising, implementing, monitoring and maintaining high-TWI® recruitment, selection and development systems.


Cohesion Analytics gives strong long-term, seasonal and game-by-game predictive assessment of teams and competitions. Cohesion based predictive analysis allows for the understanding of ongoing performance variations of teams prior to and during competitions.


Specialist research and consulting services ranging from sports data analysis to cross-functional sport/business relationships.

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