Understanding why some sports teams and organisations not only win, but win consistently.

GAIN LINE Analytics is an operations and management consultancy with a unique perspective on success in professional sport and business. We believe great teams are more than just the sum of their parts; we believe great teams are the product of the linkages and connections within the organisation. As such, we help sporting clubs and organisations build these linkages and connections with a view to sustainable, long-term success both in the sporting and corporate arena. GAIN LINE Analytics places a strong focus on data analysis and quantitative research using the unique field of Cohesion Analytics. This means we offer our clients solutions that are grounded in evidence and real-world experience.


Our research has shown that the Performance of a team is directly linked to the Cohesion of that team.


GAIN LINE Analytics Measures, Analyses, Predicts and Creates Cohesion

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Learn about the latest in global sports analytics and business team performance research to help you develop a high performing environment.

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GAIN LINE Analytics influence stretches across multiple Sporting, Corporate, Media and Educational organisations.


We have been looking at hundreds of teams and thousands of players in union, league, soccer, AFL, ice hockey and generally any sport that uses teamwork. In the end, we found that instead of looking at each individual player, it was better to think of sporting teams as a network of connected relationships.
— Ben Darwin (Founder of GAIN LINE Analytics) in the Sydney Morning Herald


Who Drives the Development of Cohesion?


Cohesion Diagram 2.gif

For an organisation or team to achieve on-going success, it is not enough for its members to be merely talented and well coached or managed; the group must also have cohesion.

GAIN LINE Analytics has developed unique metrics, Team Work Index (TWI®) and the Key Cohesion Markers, for measuring the quantity and intensity of linkages within a team. The higher the metrics, the more Cohesive the team, the more likely the organisation is to enjoy sustained success in their specific field.

Cohesion is driven from the top of the organisation down. Without alignment and strong governance Cohesion can not be effectively built and maintained within an organisation. Without alignment even the best coach or manager will not be able to get a team to perfom to capacity.

“The GAIN LINE Analytics programme that Ben has assembled is the result of thousands of hours of high performance analysis. He has gone to great lengths to identify the points of difference and points of advantage in the high performance arena. The results will challenge your paradigms of thought and will be well worth the time you allocate to invest in the future.”
— Robbie Deans, Panasonic Wild Knights, Barbarian & World XV Coach. Former Wallabies & Canterbury Crusaders coach.
“..teams (have) ignored, or at best underestimated, the power of cohesion and the competitive advantage that affords. The research is there. Perhaps it’s time we took notice of it.”
— Gary Gold, Head Coach - USA National Rugby Team. Former DoR at Worcester Warriors, Sharks Rugby and Springboks assistant coach.


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